Wout Bisschop, MA

wout bisschop


I am a Ph.D. student in philosophy and work on the epistemology of interpretation. After BA’s and MA’s in Philosophy and in Theology and Religious Studies in Leuven and Amsterdam, I did a year of graduate work at the University of Notre Dame, IN. My current project is part of the Templeton funded research project ‘The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University’.

Areas of expertise

My main philosophical interests are in the fields of epistemology and hermeneutics, but I deeply appreciate how philosophy fosters an interest in basically everything.


My Ph.D. research concerns philosophical questions about the nature, purpose(s) and standards of textual interpretation. Interpretation is an important way to form beliefs and to obtain knowledge. Its methodology, however, faces a number of important challenges. For example, can an interpretation be correct or incorrect? What does it mean to say that our ‘worldview’ determines our reading of a text, and how would that affect the justification of an interpretation? What exactly is the aim, or what are the aims, of interpretation, and what does that imply for the standards of interpretation? These and other hotly debated questions are not only important in their own right, but also fundamental with respect to the epistemic status of interpretative practices, as, for example, we find them in the humanities. The project develops an analytical account of the nature and justification of textual interpretation, and engages with a wide array of philosophical positions in the fields of epistemology and hermeneutics.


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