dr. Joeri Tijdink


Hi, my name is Joeri Tijdink and I am a psychiatrist and researcher. I am currently working as a psychiatrist at VU Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam and hold a postdoc position at the VU University where I am part of the department of Philosophy. I finished my PhD last June, 2016, entitles ‘Publish and Perish: Research on research and researchers’ (see link and link) that aimed to uncover the major pitfalls in contemporary publication practices with a focus on the role of individual factors experienced by biomedical scientists (burnout symptomatology, publication pressure and personality traits). Within this area I undertook several research projects that tried to uncover the major causes of research misbehavior. My special interest focusses on the role of publication pressure in contemporary publication culture and to what extent personality traits can be a risk factor for research misbehavior. I also think that we should be more aware of how emotional states of scientists (and medical doctors) can influence scientific practices and undermine (medical) decision making and collaboration.

I am also the co-founder and editor of the Dutch platform for young psychiatrists (dejongepsychiater.nl, @jongepsychiater) that focuses on translation of psychiatric research into clinical practice.

Areas of expertise

Publication culture, Publication pressure, Research misbehaviors, Psychiatry, Personality of scientists


We are currently investigating the role of research integrity as an important responsibility for the university. We aim to explore and discover what factors contribute to responsible conduct of research and find new strategies to foster good research by targeting different intervention strategies at four different university settings.


  • ‘Wetenschapper of de sofa, hoe te overleven op de universiteit.’ Joeri K. Tijdink Vesusius Press 2019

Publications (selection)

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A complete list of publications can be found here.


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