Abraham Kuyper Center


Here you can find all current staff members listed in alphabetical order.

Asma, Lieke
PhD Student ‘Science beyond Scientim’

Bisschop, Wout
PhD Student ‘The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University’

Bouter, Lex 
Professor of methodology and integrity

Brink, Gijsbert van den
Professor of theology and science

Eyghen, Hans van
PhD Student ‘Science beyond Scientism’

Haven, Tamarinde
PhD Student ‘The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University’

Kloosterboer, Naomi
PhD Student ‘Science beyond Scientism’

Koster, Edwin
Assistent professor

Peels, Rik
Assistent professor

Ridder, Jeroen de
Assistent professor

Rutten, Emanuel
Post Doc researcher

Tijdink, Joeri
Post Doc researcher

Matse, Elisa
Managing Director Abraham Kuyper Center

Woudenberg, René van
Professor of Epistemology and Metaphysics
Director Abraham Kuyper Center



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