prof. dr. Gijsbert van den Brink


I am a Professor of Theology who holds the University Research Chair for Theology & Science at the Faculty of Religion and Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My academic background is in systematic theology and in the philosophy of religion as practiced in the analytical tradition. I graduated at Utrecht University with a PhD-dissertation on divine omnipotence (Almighty God, Kampen 1993; supervisor: Prof. dr. Vincent Brümmer). After having hold teaching and research positions at the Universities of Groningen, Utrecht and Leiden respectively I moved to the Vrije Universiteit in 2008. I spent the academic year academic year 2010-2011 as John Witherspoon Fellow on Theology & Science at the Center of Theological Inquiry (CTI), Princeton NJ. As of 2017, I also serve as Head of the Department of Beliefs & Practices at my Faculty.

Areas of expertise

Christian systematic theology; science and religion; history of Reformed theology; analytic philosophy of religion.


My research is mainly focused on the interface of Christian theology and the natural sciences, but I participate in wider debates on the relationship between science and religion. I currently concentrate on two projects: (1) the way in which evolutionary theory coheres with classical theistic beliefs; (2) the nature and future of theology as an academic discipline. The first project issued in my book Reformed Theology and Evolutionary Theory (Grand Rapids 2020), a precursor of which appeared in Dutch in 2017. The output of the second project is mainly in the form of papers and contributions to conferences. It is part of the larger AKC research project on the epistemic responsibilities of the university. In my subproject, I examine whether, and if so under what conditions, theology can unashamedly be practiced as an academic discipline at a public university in a post-secular age.


  • Gijsbert van den Brink, “How Theology Stopped Being Queen of the Sciences – and How Its Story Continues”, Studies in Christian Ethics(October 2019) (accepted)
  • Gijsbert van den Brink, Reformed Theology and Evolutionary Theory, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2020 (in press).

Publications (selection)

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