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I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy and senior research fellow of the Abraham Kuyper Center in the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I did my Ph.D. at Delft University of Technology. I also hold a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and another one in Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis from Delft University of Technology.

My research has been supported by a Veni and Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). I was one of the principal investigators for the Science Beyond Scientism project, which was funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation and which helped to establish the Abraham Kuyper Center. I am also a principal investigator in the current Epistemic Responsibilities of the University project.

When I’m not doing philosophy, I enjoy running, cooking, and spending time with my family.

Areas of expertise

(Social) epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion.


Most of my current research is in collective epistemology: Can groups have beliefs and knowledge, are there collective intellectual virtues, what determines the epistemic performance of groups? I am particularly interested in what the answers to these questions can tell us about the knowledge-producing potential of liberal democracies and what they might entail for higher education.

Publications (selection)

  • Jeroen de Ridder, Rik Peels, and René van Woudenberg (eds.), Scientism: Perils and Prospects. Under contract with Oxford University Press.
  • Jeroen de Ridder, ‘Why Only Externalists Can Be Steadfast’, Erkenntnis 79.1 (2014): 185–99.
  • Jeroen de Ridder, ‘Epistemic Dependence and Collective Scientific Knowledge’, Synthese 191.1 (2014): 37–53.
  • Jeroen de Ridder, ‘Is There Epistemic Justification for Secrecy in Science?’, Episteme 10.2 (2013): 101–16.
  • Martijn Blaauw & Jeroen de Ridder, ‘Unsafe Assertions’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90.4 (2012): 797–801.


Mail g.j.de.ridder@vu.nl

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