Dr. Katrin Gülden Le Maire is a consultant and researcher. Her doctorate in Philosophy from Middlesex University focused on the effects of the educational political developments on Wolfhart Pannenberg´s book „Theology and Philosophy of Science“ in the 1970s. Dr. Gülden Le Maire holds a Masters of Science in Corporate Communications from Rotterdam Business School (2011) and further British university qualifications in Financial Management (2003) and Theology (1999). Her research focuses especially on: Epistemology & Irrationality, Theology on the basis of Philosophy, Public Theology (the social significance & responsibility of theologians within the pre-political sphere). Her interdisciplinary and intersystemic interest concerns the cognitive and neuro-scientific influence of social media on the character development in younger people and the potential effects for the democratic order of societies.

Moreover, Katrin Gülden Le Maire is a management consultant for communications and strategy and has guided wellknown national and international companies and organisations at her Frankfurt based consultancy from 2007 to 2017. She has more than 20 years experience consulting companies and organisations. Her expertise in corporate communications is complemented by her know-how concerning market entries, crisis and change management as well as strategy development. Since mid 2020, she focuses on developing a „Cyber Ethic“ for business and political leaders. She introduces organizations to philosophical and theological information and interprets them culturally optimistic (kulturoptimistisch) as citizens in postindustrial economies increasingly ascribe cultural values and qualities to goods and services.

Katrin Gülden Le Maire has lived for eight years in London (1995-2003); she has been based in Frankfurt and has lived now in Paris for the last twelve years. She is trilingual and expertly familiar with the different requirements and challenges of both public and private sector oganisations. She is married and has two daugthers.