Abraham Kuyper Center


Part 1: Epistemic Values and Responsibilities in the University

1 The Epistemic Values of Academia
dr. Rik Peels

2 Research Integrity 
prof. dr. Lex Bouter, dr. Joeri Tijdink, Tamarinde Haven, MSc

Part 2: Universities, teaching, Intellectual Virtues, and Meaning 

3 Collective Intellectual Virtues
dr. Jeroen de Ridder

4 The University and the Meaning of Life
dr. Emanuel Rutten

5 Cultivating Intellectual Virtues, Critical Thinking, and Personal Development through University Teaching
dr. Edwin Koster

Part 3: Science and the Humanities: Two legs of the University

6 The Responsibility of the University for the Unity of Academic Knowledge
prof. dr. René van Woudenberg

7 The Epistemology of Interpretation in the Humanities
prof. dr. René van Woudenberg, Wout Bisschop MA

8 From Queen to Quixotic? The Role and Relevance of Theology in the University
prof. dr. Gijsbert van den Brink

Overarching Projects

  • Four Fellowships
  • Three Summer Seminars
  • International Conference & Edited Volume
  • White Paper